The start to an amazing trip

So I’ve bought the plane tickets, and my EURail pass came in the mail last week. I guess I really am taking this trip.

The most noticeable thing that would tell someone I am taking a backpacking trip through Europe is that I have ordered an INSANE number of different packs and packing accessories. I believe I’ve ordered 3 different bags, and been loaned one by a coworker. I currently have 3 in my room, having returned one knowing it was way too large to actually carry around with me.

I’ve been debating how much space I really need. The biggest struggle is I’m not willing to give up all my awesome diabetes things while I’m gone. I packed up what I will need for the time I’m gone, and man does it take a lot of space. The upside is I’m guaranteed to have more space as the trip progresses! I packed these supplies up on April 7th, and will be using only supplies from those bags until June 7th, to see how many of them I actually use, and what a reasonable number of extras will be.

So far it’s the bags, and some packing cubes (which I haven’t used before), a new shirt, a new skirt, new all black toms (perfect travel shoes), a travel lock, a holder for all my electronics, a new day bag/purse (which I’m also currently using as my purse). I’m trying to make sure the things I bring are things I’ve already broken in and really do like, but are well enough made to stand up to two months of continuous use. We will see how many more things I end up getting before I go. I luckily already have a lot of really good travel things, just not ones designed for packing lightly.

Up next on my to-do list is picking hotels in Reykjavik and Bergen and book some tours in both places. In fact, that’s what I was supposed to be doing now, instead of updating this lovely blog. Oops.

Teaching Curling and a 5k

Spring league for curling starts this week. I figured since I have some brand new and rather new curlers playing, I should probably teach them how to curl before we show up for our first league game. So I stopped down to find out when there would be space on the ice for us, that wasn’t in the middle of the day. Turns out it was Friday night. So off we went.

Learning to Curl

I know that I had a blast. I think everyone else did. I think we’ve got the very basics of curling down and are now ready to take on the world. Or at least that very small portion of it that is Thursday Night Saint Paul Spring League. I won’t be too surprised if we win games, as the back end is made up of good competitive players, but I will be surprised if we have any front end rocks that score points for us. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I sadly had to cut the festivities a tiny bit short after the learn to curl session as 5ks always seem to be bright and early.

The suggested time to arrive at the beginning area was 7:10, for a 8:10 start. That’s insanely early, so Katie and I agreed to meet up at 7:30. Of course, Katie being earlier than me for everything, was probably there around 7:10 anyways. I was lucky enough to rope the boy into dropping me off near the start on his way home to save myself some walking and the pain that is parking anywhere near a large race. This worked out marvelously.

I found Katie. We checked out all the stuff that was going on. Saw everyone rocking their new sweatshirts that came in the goody bag picked up the night before (yes, you could get your sweatshirt without actually running the race!). It was chilly before the raceย (chilly being around 45 degrees). They had a couple different cool inflatables up for pictures and generally looking awesome. Katie and I of course took the standard picture.

This is a giant blow up mug of hot chocolate!
This is a giant blow up mug of hot chocolate!

Then we dropped off our stuff at bag check and headed toward the start corral. This was a GIANT 5k. I believe the corrals went all the way up to K. I was in corral C, Katie was in G. They put you in corrals based on your predicted running speed. I believe I entered a 9:20 minute mile, but I really have no idea as I signed up months ago. My goal was a 30 minute race. This was one of the best organized races I have run, especially impressive with the extreme size.

So off we went running. I got to the first mile marker and it said 20:33 because they start each corral roughly 3 minutes apart. This meant that I had NO idea how I was doing in terms of my 30 minute goal. Oh well. I was happy to see my mom stationed in the middle of the Stone Arch Bridge (a Minneapolis landmark in it’s own right) which was about half way through the race, and always takes longer to run across than I expect. I got to Mile 2 marker exactly 10 minutes after the time I saw at Mile 1. That meant I had to pick it up for the finish. I ended up finishing with a 30:49 time. Not too bad since I didn’t train nearly as much as I should have.

I knew I would have time to head back and catch Katie up the final hill, about .3 miles before the finish line, and a real bugger to run at that point. I cheered for everyone as they were running by (always a great thing to hear when you’re running!), waiting for Katie. I saw her and ran a tiny bit with her towards the finish. She totally nailed her goal, which was super exciting to see, as this was her first 5k ever!

We didn’t pick the Hot Chocolate 5k by accident. No, we picked it because they give you chocolate at the end. These were by far the best post race snacks ever.


After a brief rest, we walked to brunch at a restaurant that was between Katie’s car and the light rail stop from where I would be heading home. It’s great to eat brunch after you know you’ve run enough to burn off the calories. I mean, maybe not brunch AND chocolate treat calories, but who really cares about that.

This post was nicely written in a coffee shop, which has proved to me that I believe the problems I’m having with my computer and the internet are at least in part due to my internet at home. I guess I’ll take some more advantage of my Amazon Prime subscription and order myself a new WiFi Router ๐Ÿ™

Diabetes Ut-Ohs

So I started this post a week ago, with the intention to update it the next night and post. Well, that didn’t happen, so here it is, a week late.

I’ve finally been getting back into the running this spring. It’s a lot later than I was intending, race day is in less than 2 weeks. Oops.

It was following my run this weekend that I stumbled on two new diabetes ut-ohs for me. I say ut-oh, because that’s usually the words out of my mouth, and they aren’t really big enough to warrant much beyond that.

The first was seeing the location of my previous sensor (3 days since it was on) being all mean and red looking. I always end up with the spots around the edges that collect extra fuzz from the adhesives, but the entire thing being red? Not normal. Not sure if there’s enough space on that side to fit another sensor when I have to head back there. Maybe I’ll have to try an “unapproved” spot, or turning to sensor a different direction.

Diabetes utohs

The second was seeing my infusion set filled with blood. I realize this probably happens to some people all the time, but I’ve never seen it before. Bleeding profusely when I take a site out? More common. Thankfully not all the time because that makes a mess. I took to Dr. Google to find out what to do about the site. The general out come was that as long as blood sugar wasn’t being affected, it should be fine. So I plugged that puppy back in and away we went.

Of course, now looking back at the past couple days (with this site) my sugars have been running higher, and I’ve not had quite the same post meal drops that I was seeing earlier. Now the site is timed out and I’ll have to put a new one in anyways, so too late to do anything about it. I will be mad if this becomes common, as this is one of my favorite spots to put sites!

The week late update to the post:

My Endo appointment was on Wednesday, and I was actually excited to go. I’ve been working a lot harder at my blood sugars over the past couple months and wanted to see the results. Well, it turned out great. Check out the shot below of my past A1c’s. These span a lot of years. Pay particular attention to the final one.

Okay lies. My computer/internet/blog seem to have something against uploading photos recently (not to mention general struggles). I’ll add this after I get the post up. To summarize, I have lots and lots of 8s and 9s in my A1c’s. This is my first one, like ever, that starts with a 7!

I’m pretty damn proud of myself, and it’s proof that these sensors are totally worth it.

Other Info About Me

My About Me is a pretty brief little thing and I thought maybe some people might want to know a little bit more about me. These things don’t make for a very nice paragraph, so I’ll just go with a randomly ordered list.

  1. I have Celiac. Diagnosed in 1999 in 5th grade. Sometimes I forget this is a weird thing.
  2. I have a cat. His name is Mitten and he’s an orange tabby.
  3. I live in Saint Paul, MN.
  4. My favorite part of flying is take off. I’m still amazed every time when the plane leaves the ground.
  5. I like wine. A lot.
  6. I’ve had diabetes since 1993.
  7. I’ve had a Medtronic Insulin Pump since before it was called Medtronic.
  8. My first insulin pump was a Minimed 508.
  9. My older half sister also has T1D.
  10. I was lucky and got to go to a camp for diabetics as a kid. One of the best experiences for a young diabetic ever.
  11. I’ve got two piggy banks which I’ve been putting money in since college.
  12. I’m planning a trip to Western European for this summer.
  13. I like cooking, but hate cooking for one.
  14. I’m horrible at cleaning my house.
  15. I have tiny feet. I wear a US size 6. It makes for great clearance shoe shopping.
  16. I occasionally get around to my sewing projects. Currently working on a quilt for myself as no one I know is currently pregnant. (I’ve been making baby quilts as presents)
  17. I have never lived outside of the Midwest (Minnesota and Wisconsin).
  18. I’ve been to all 50 states.
  19. My first ever plane flight was going to Vegas (as a small baby).
  20. I could almost survive on potatoes and cheese (but I sure wouldn’t be healthy).

I’m sure I’ll come up with some more info for you soon, and I’m sure there will be some more things that you learn as I post more.

Does anyone like the Dentist?

So title be darned, I actually like the dentist. I’m crazy right?

I really shouldn’t like the dentist. I’ve had some variety of screwed up teeth forever (apparently a symptom of celiac, who knew!). But I don’t care. I love going in and having my teeth cleaned. Even if it means I may have to go in for a filling later (note: I do). I think my parents were more concerned with other aspects of my health growing up, and I have never had the greatest dental hygiene habits. Oh well, I’m alive.

And regardless of what my parents did, I’ve got a giant sweet tooth now. Apparently this isn’t something the dental hygienist expected, because I’m, you know, diabetic. So it was suggested that I try to rinse out my mouth better after eating or drinking sweet things. At least these are easy things to do.

So that was my morning, then I grabbed a coffee (mocha, a nice sweet coffee, exactly what the dentist just told me I should do a better job avoiding) on my way to work.

My boss, and my boss’s boss are out on vacation this week. Seems that their kids have spring break at the same time. That means that I’ve been spending a decent portion of my day watching the Men’s World Curling Championships. This year, ESPN hooked up a deal with TSN (Canadian Sports Channel) to show any curling that TSN covers (Canadian Nationals and Worlds). Being able to watch so much curling is an entirely new thing for me and I’m loving it. However, we are at the mercy of whatever game TSN is showing (cough*alwayscanada*cough). So I’ve also been following the action on, which does shot by shot updates. Not as accurate, but quite lovely over just watching the line scores.

Today was a particularly important day for Team USA. They’ve been fighting tooth and nail all week, and are right on the edge of making playoffs. They had two must win games today (one while I was at the dentist and couldn’t follow!). And they won BOTH! So exciting. Now they have to wait and see how this evenings games turn out (currently going as I type).

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, even if it may not be too exciting ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading.