I make resolutions, do you?

Lots of people debate the usefulness of resolutions. I personally used to avoid them like the plague, but recently I’ve taken a liking to them. I definitely include fun resolutions along with the ones that are more along the lines of personal improvement. What resolutions do you make? Are you good at keeping them?

Last year my resolutions were written on paper and hung in my cube at work, where I saw them every day. They included the following:

  1. A1C below 7.8 (crushed it!)
  2. Read 52 books (not quite, and I didn’t keep great track on my trip)
  3. Take one international trip for fun (yeah… I think I got this one)
  4. Get 2000 miles via my fitbit tracking (1788, not too far off and a huge improvement from the 1200 the year before)
  5. Empty the liter box at least 2x a week (yes, I’m a horrible cat mom on this one, and I can’t say yay or nay to it because I was gone too long for it to count)

Now for this year’s resolutions. I guess maybe these are more like goals than resolutions, because they’re more specific, and I have a plan on how to conquer each one. Which also means they’re more likely to happen.

  1. Keep A1C below 7.8 (may have slipped up over the holidays, but I’m prepared to be back on track shortly)
  2. Read 52 books (I thought about lowering the number, but I know I can do this)
  3. Watch 52 movies I’ve never seen before (turns out I like never watch movies and so I can never comment on them)
  4. Run 1 race per month (fast, slow, serious, fun, short, long; it doesn’t matter)
  5. 2000 miles via my Fitbit (should be easier with all these races to prep for)
  6. Exercise 4 days a week (sadly, curling doesn’t count for this, need to be sweaty for it to count)
  7. Empty liter box 2x per week (I have no excuses here)
  8. And finally, the one I’ve debated sharing: Improve my dental hygiene (I will just not go into details)

I was trying to give you ways to connect with me to see how these are going over the year, but I can’t figure out how to find the info to do that from either goodreads or mapmyrun! Oh well, I’ll just have to keep you updated on here.

Now to wait another 11 months to see how I do on all of these!

New Year, I swear I’m still alive

I’m a month into the new year, and realized that it’s been probably six months since I’ve posted anything on here. This makes me sad because I really do enjoy putting up a bit of what’s been going on!

There was just a little too long where I didn’t feel like I had anything interesting going on in my life. I’ve pretty much been rotating between work, working out, curling, and being a bum, with a few fun adventures with friend thrown in.¬†Too many small little things to cover, but I’ll get the big ones covered.

Let’s start with curling. That’s always a pretty big thing for me, right? Well this season we worked our butts off and traveled a TON. Sadly, we seemed to have this curse where we couldn’t win more than one game per event. The crazy thing was the teams that we were beating! Some of the top teams out there, many of whom went on to crush the rest of their games to qualify in the same event we beat them at. Oh well. The end result is that we missed the Continental Cup Qualifying, and have opted out of playing in US National Championship. With no hope of qualifying for the Women’s World Curling Championship, we decided to save our time and money and apply it towards next season.

This year I also got to play in the US Mixed Doubles National Championships in Denver. This is an event where, this year, you sign up with your teammate and you go to Nationals. Nationals does not have a set number of teams. There’s a good chance that the qualifying format will change after this year, as there were over 30 teams playing for the one spot. There was a bit of a team boom due to the inclusion of the Mixed Doubles discipline in the upcoming 2018 Olympics. My teammate and I made it all the way through the A side of the event, only to lose all three qualifying games. Therefore, we’re out. The upside of making it through the A side was all of the cool things we got to see in Denver. I’ll add some pictures once I get them fixed of the struggles that come with having taken them on my phone.

In other news, I’ve been really enjoying my workouts lately. I’m pretty much down to kickboxing and running. Only now I’m signing up for more and more races, and they are getting longer and longer… therefore I’m trying to stick to my training schedule I designed. So far I’ve been getting 2 or 3 runs a week. On top of that I’ve been getting 2 or 3 classes in at ilovekickboxing.com. My one run a month has been going well, I’ll get them all added to a side panel here so you can all keep track with me!

As for kickboxing, I’m happy to say my push-ups are getting better and better and my punches are getting stronger and stronger. There is a contest I’ve entered, which is called the 45 day body transformation contest. It was going great for a little while, but recently I’ve had a horrible run of low blood sugars, which require eating some of those not-so-great-for-you fast acting carbs. Delicious though. Lucky Charms have been my go-to recently. YUM! Weight loss or not, I’m proud of some of the new habits I’m gaining.

And last but not least, work. I’ve been working at Dick’s Sporting Goods through the USOC Contenders program. It has been great, especially through our crazy travel and competition schedule this fall. They have been great understanding that I was going to be unavailable a lot of the busy shopping weekends. And man was it a crazy thing to be back working retail over a holiday season! The biggest struggle by far is that I already owned a lot of nice work out clothes… but I never seem to actually have enough if my continual purchasing of more says anything.

In the collection of other things I’ve been doing to stay busy, I took a trip out to Milwaukee to visit friends, stopped out to watch some of the Junior National Curling Championship, played in a couple fun spiels, and have been playing around with my new camera (Christmas present!). In the up and coming short term, I’ve got a trip to Florida to visit my dad (and see some sunshine) and some more races and fun curling events.