66 Days of Diabetes Supplies

Have you ever wondered what two months worth of diabetes supplies looks like? Well now you can see.

I did a “test pack” two months ago to see how much stuff I actually use. Turns out I had a pretty good guess already, and didn’t change much from that packing to this packing.

I’m sure I could get by with a lot fewer things, particularly if I decided to not use my pump or sensor. But I have decided that I am going to continue using both, assuming all goes well and nothing breaks.

This is everything I'm bringing
This is everything I’m bringing (let’s ignore my extremely poor spelling)

My packing list is the following:

  • 30 Infusion Sets
  • 27 Reservoirs
  • 10 Sensors
  • 600 Strips
  • 5 Bottles of Novolog
  • 10 AAA Batteries
  • Sensor Supplies
    • Lots of Tapes
    • Insert
    • Charger
  • Back-up Supplies
    • 15 Syringes
    • 1 Bottle of Levemir

Not pictured is 2 meters and associated pokers and strips, as well as things that are currently attached to my body which is a sensor and transmitter and pump.

I’ve got 3 of the slim ebags that I used to pack all this stuff into, plus one small bag that I’m using for an easy to access option to hold one set of everything. Packing is always an art. Sensors on the bottom, infusion sets and strips next, topped off with all the randoms and reservoirs. The insulin went back in the fridge to be packed closer to leaving. It will be packed in a Frio Insulin Wallet to stay chilly.

Pump Supplies

My little bag of extras
My little bag of extras

The end result was more compact than I expected, also heavier than I expected.

Neat and Tidy!
Neat and Tidy!

Up next is packing the rest of my bag! That will probably be more difficult as everything is subjective and almost nothing is a “need”.


*These are amazon links because I think the products are cool. I’m not someone who has the amazon advertising deal or anything fancy.

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