I make resolutions, do you?

Lots of people debate the usefulness of resolutions. I personally used to avoid them like the plague, but recently I’ve taken a liking to them. I definitely include fun resolutions along with the ones that are more along the lines of personal improvement. What resolutions do you make? Are you good at keeping them?

Last year my resolutions were written on paper and hung in my cube at work, where I saw them every day. They included the following:

  1. A1C below 7.8 (crushed it!)
  2. Read 52 books (not quite, and I didn’t keep great track on my trip)
  3. Take one international trip for fun (yeah… I think I got this one)
  4. Get 2000 miles via my fitbit tracking (1788, not too far off and a huge improvement from the 1200 the year before)
  5. Empty the liter box at least 2x a week (yes, I’m a horrible cat mom on this one, and I can’t say yay or nay to it because I was gone too long for it to count)

Now for this year’s resolutions. I guess maybe these are more like goals than resolutions, because they’re more specific, and I have a plan on how to conquer each one. Which also means they’re more likely to happen.

  1. Keep A1C below 7.8 (may have slipped up over the holidays, but I’m prepared to be back on track shortly)
  2. Read 52 books (I thought about lowering the number, but I know I can do this)
  3. Watch 52 movies I’ve never seen before (turns out I like never watch movies and so I can never comment on them)
  4. Run 1 race per month (fast, slow, serious, fun, short, long; it doesn’t matter)
  5. 2000 miles via my Fitbit (should be easier with all these races to prep for)
  6. Exercise 4 days a week (sadly, curling doesn’t count for this, need to be sweaty for it to count)
  7. Empty liter box 2x per week (I have no excuses here)
  8. And finally, the one I’ve debated sharing: Improve my dental hygiene (I will just not go into details)

I was trying to give you ways to connect with me to see how these are going over the year, but I can’t figure out how to find the info to do that from either goodreads or mapmyrun! Oh well, I’ll just have to keep you updated on here.

Now to wait another 11 months to see how I do on all of these!

New Year, I swear I’m still alive

I’m a month into the new year, and realized that it’s been probably six months since I’ve posted anything on here. This makes me sad because I really do enjoy putting up a bit of what’s been going on!

There was just a little too long where I didn’t feel like I had anything interesting going on in my life. I’ve pretty much been rotating between work, working out, curling, and being a bum, with a few fun adventures with friend thrown in. Too many small little things to cover, but I’ll get the big ones covered.

Let’s start with curling. That’s always a pretty big thing for me, right? Well this season we worked our butts off and traveled a TON. Sadly, we seemed to have this curse where we couldn’t win more than one game per event. The crazy thing was the teams that we were beating! Some of the top teams out there, many of whom went on to crush the rest of their games to qualify in the same event we beat them at. Oh well. The end result is that we missed the Continental Cup Qualifying, and have opted out of playing in US National Championship. With no hope of qualifying for the Women’s World Curling Championship, we decided to save our time and money and apply it towards next season.

This year I also got to play in the US Mixed Doubles National Championships in Denver. This is an event where, this year, you sign up with your teammate and you go to Nationals. Nationals does not have a set number of teams. There’s a good chance that the qualifying format will change after this year, as there were over 30 teams playing for the one spot. There was a bit of a team boom due to the inclusion of the Mixed Doubles discipline in the upcoming 2018 Olympics. My teammate and I made it all the way through the A side of the event, only to lose all three qualifying games. Therefore, we’re out. The upside of making it through the A side was all of the cool things we got to see in Denver. I’ll add some pictures once I get them fixed of the struggles that come with having taken them on my phone.

In other news, I’ve been really enjoying my workouts lately. I’m pretty much down to kickboxing and running. Only now I’m signing up for more and more races, and they are getting longer and longer… therefore I’m trying to stick to my training schedule I designed. So far I’ve been getting 2 or 3 runs a week. On top of that I’ve been getting 2 or 3 classes in at ilovekickboxing.com. My one run a month has been going well, I’ll get them all added to a side panel here so you can all keep track with me!

As for kickboxing, I’m happy to say my push-ups are getting better and better and my punches are getting stronger and stronger. There is a contest I’ve entered, which is called the 45 day body transformation contest. It was going great for a little while, but recently I’ve had a horrible run of low blood sugars, which require eating some of those not-so-great-for-you fast acting carbs. Delicious though. Lucky Charms have been my go-to recently. YUM! Weight loss or not, I’m proud of some of the new habits I’m gaining.

And last but not least, work. I’ve been working at Dick’s Sporting Goods through the USOC Contenders program. It has been great, especially through our crazy travel and competition schedule this fall. They have been great understanding that I was going to be unavailable a lot of the busy shopping weekends. And man was it a crazy thing to be back working retail over a holiday season! The biggest struggle by far is that I already owned a lot of nice work out clothes… but I never seem to actually have enough if my continual purchasing of more says anything.

In the collection of other things I’ve been doing to stay busy, I took a trip out to Milwaukee to visit friends, stopped out to watch some of the Junior National Curling Championship, played in a couple fun spiels, and have been playing around with my new camera (Christmas present!). In the up and coming short term, I’ve got a trip to Florida to visit my dad (and see some sunshine) and some more races and fun curling events.

A really quick summary of life at home

Generally, I’ve been trying to enjoy all the awesome things we have right at home that I often forget about in my love and desire to see new places. So that means plenty of time in the parks enjoying the end of summer and time with friends.

Chilling with some ducks at the park on the Mississippi River.
Chilling with some ducks at the park on the Mississippi River.
A pretty sunset I caught on my way to kickboxing one night. Perhaps it's because I read the schedule wrong and was really early... but totally worth it!
A pretty sunset I caught on my way to kickboxing one night. Perhaps it’s because I read the schedule wrong and was really early… but totally worth it!
Another day at the park by the river. Cool paddle wheel boat.
Another day at the park by the river. Cool paddle wheel boat.
A nice batch of chili to toss in the freezer for meals during the hectic curling season. New recipe with quinoa and it was great!
A nice batch of chili to toss in the freezer for meals during the hectic curling season. New recipe with quinoa and it was great!
Medtronic 5k with Katie, pre-race picture.
Medtronic 5k with Katie, pre-race picture.
All ready to go at the start line! Gorgeous day for a race.
All ready to go at the start line! Gorgeous day for a race.
We got our medals and some nice sunshine!
We got our medals and some nice sunshine!
Post race picture with the Medtronic Lion.
Post race picture with the Medtronic Lion.
My sign for all the runners of the Marathon.
My sign for all the runners of the Marathon.
A trip to Fontenac State Park. I was hoping for some fall leaves, but it was a bit early for that still.
A trip to Fontenac State Park. I was hoping for some fall leaves, but it was a bit early for that still.
What a view. Gotta love the Mississippi River Bluffs.
What a view. Gotta love the Mississippi River Bluffs.
Perpetual snuggles from this guy are totally appreciated.
Perpetual snuggles from this guy are totally appreciated.

Now that curling season is in full swing, I’m spending plenty of time on the ice and traveling. I love that Mitten insists on many snuggles every time I get back from a long weekend.

State Fair… time to eat!

A day in mostly pictures.

Glad we bought tickets online!
Glad we bought tickets online!
Breakfast. Maple Bacon roll (for Katie), Blueberry Corn bread Muffin (for me), and a nitro cold press coffee (me also).
Breakfast. Maple Bacon roll (for Katie), Blueberry Corn bread Muffin (for me), and a nitro cold press coffee (me also).
Tatchos. The fair has finally caught on to this deliciousness.
Tatchos. The fair has finally caught on to this deliciousness.
The largest pig. Pretty massive.
The largest pig. Pretty massive.
Siracha Sliders. I just ignored the bun on this one.
Siracha Sliders. I just ignored the bun on this one.
Cheese curds for Katie.
Cheese curds for Katie.
Salted Caramel Puff Sundae. Not enough puffs.
Salted Caramel Puff Sundae. Not enough puffs.
Butter Queen Coffee Ice Cream. Yum.
Butter Queen Coffee Ice Cream. Yum.
Cider! (hopefully this shows up right-side up, I'm fighting with it)
Mr Goat was bored and trying to munch on the banner.
Mr Goat was bored and trying to munch on the banner.

On day two of my visit, I forgot to take a picture of my food… But it started with a gluten free beer batter brat. Very tasty.

Beer and Wine Samplers. Don't drink MN white wine. Too sweet.
Beer and Wine Samplers. Don’t drink MN white wine. Too sweet.
Had to take a trip down the giant slide with some of the newbies.
Had to take a trip down the giant slide with some of the newbies.

That was my days at the fair. Always a blast. I always come home too full.


Home life and right back to it

Okay, as most of you know, I’m back home now. I’ve been trying hard to get all of my trip day posts up, but it takes longer than I expect! So instead of waiting on all the home updates, I’ll mix those right in with my trip posts as I get those done.

I got home on a Sunday, and the next morning headed straight to the curling club for some practice. Sadly, I forgot that Monday is the ice maintenance day. So off to the gym instead. It was quite sad to work on a couple lifts and see how horribly weak I became over my trip. I had good intentions of working out a lot while I was gone, but was just so exhausted when I’d get home that I had no desire to do anything.

Tuesday I was able to get on the ice. It really is like riding a bike. I might end up sore, but it really just comes back so easily. I also decided that I needed some more interesting gym adventure. My friend Lindsay (and her husband Ben) has been kickboxing for a while, so much so that she’s an instructor now. And it always sounds like fun. So I caved and signed up for the intro package.

Turns out that I loved my first class, and signed up for some more. This I think is a good choice. Getting two vaccines in my arms (which were starting to be sore from the boxing) the next morning, was probably not a good choice. Sore, sore, sore arms!

Some more time on the curling ice, both for teaching and for playing and it was off to the weekend!

Oh Curling.

At last update I had just finished trying out for the National Curling Team. Well, all of us at the try-out heard back last week. Sad to say, I won’t be part of that team this year.

That just means that right now I’m trying to figure out what team I WILL be a part of. This is always a scramble it seems and just a general head ache. Once it’s sorted, then we can move on to the fun things like picking a schedule and trying to find sponsors (believe it or not, no one wants to sponsor curlers).

In the mean time, I’ve been keeping myself busy with other fun (less stressful) activities. This memorial day weekend we hit up the cabin. Sad to say, the weather wasn’t all it could have been. We were able to get outside on Saturday and some on Sunday but booked it home early on Monday because it just wasn’t that much fun hanging out inside in the rain :(.

It was an animal filled weekend. We (okay, not me, just the boy) were dog sitting, and then there was my cat and my mom’s. This would not be as exciting if my cat could just figure out how to get along with everyone else. My mom’s and the dog? Not a problem. Maybe sometime. Mitten (my cat) loves to be an outside cat. That doesn’t go so well at home, but at the cabin it’s great. Yes, he has a harness and leash. No, I don’t try to walk him. It’s mostly just so that I can grab him if I need to.

Watching the waves hit the shore
Watching the waves hit the shore

When we came back early from the cabin, I wasn’t all that sad, because it meant I had newly found time which I could use to my advantage! That means I decided I would rock out the quilt I needed to finish. I decided to make quilts for my friends when they have babies after realizing how much I love the home made quilts that are at my cabin. I also realized that very few people take the time to make anything, and it’s way more fun than anything I could ever buy for someone.

This quilt I started a long time ago, before my friend was even considering babies. So luckily a large part was done already. This is good as she’s due in September, and I’ll be gone for a huge chunk of time between now and then. Just a classic pattern, but spiced up with a fun print on the back.

Can you tell it's going to be a girl?
Can you tell it’s going to be a girl?

Now that this project is done, it’s back to figuring out curling plans and trip plans!

Busy Busy Bee

This week has been a busy week, and I keep feeling like I haven’t had a chance to sit down. Of course, I know that’s not true as I’ve gotten multiple posts written, and watched a couple TV shows (which are really an obvious excuse to get some snuggles and use no brain power).

I was lucky enough to get invited to go with the boy to the Guthrie to watch the Crucible. We were going with some of his lab group, but decided to split from them for dinner and got some sushi. Probably not either of our favorite sushi places, but it was all about location. I love the Guthrie. The stage we got to see the show on was the “non-traditional” Wurtle Thrust stage. I really enjoy shows on this stage because you feel like you are a part of the play much more than the standard type. Not my favorite show, but probably just because it’s a bit of a depressing play, not because it was poorly performed.

Thursday we were off to spring league curling. It is so exciting to see my newbies improving so much. It seems like everyone is having fun. I’m probably the worst because I sometimes just don’t have the patience for when people have no idea what’s going on. Alas, I knew that would happen when we signed up for this league, so I’m trying really hard to keep my happy girl pants on.

Friday was mostly taken up with chores. I’ve been working on being better at that whole cleaning thing. I wouldn’t say it’s been going all that well, but some is better than none. Other than that, we ordered some Thai from my favorite Thai restaurant. Some well needed rest.

Saturday I was off for a nice coffee and walk (my favorite kind of friend date) with Katie. Nothing too fancy but we always like to keep in touch and there’s not much better than a little exercise to go with the “coffee” we get. I often end up with a Mocha, which is more chocolate and milk than coffee, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do sometimes.

Off to Target. Does anyone else have the problem where every time you go to target it’s a minimum $50? Well, that’s my life. And the worst part is that I forgot multiple things that were on my to-buy list. So I guess I’ll be heading back again this week. Stopped at Joann Fabrics to pick up some fabric to use for the back of a quilt for my friend that is having her first baby (a little girl!).

This was followed by some practice time for curling. My old teammate came into town and we headed up for our ice time.

Sunday is the exciting day here. Today I had my try out for the National Curling Team. The USCA calls it a combine, which makes some sense because you run through a wide variety of drills. Not quite like the NFL combine though, no reporters there letting the world know how you’re doing! In fact, there’s been very little press about this at all. It turns out that there were 7 people trying out for the Women’s teams. We have no idea how many people will make it. Everyone is just trying to do their best.

I’ve been prepping for this try out for the last month or so, and so the next week will be tough. The upside is there is no longer anything I can do about it. So good, bad or indifferent, there’s nothing more I can do to make my case. I did my fitness tests. I did my curling tests. I did my logic tests (which I didn’t expect). I completed my interview. I demonstrated how horrible I am at functional movements (google functional movement test). Now the coaches take all the data from all those tests and figure out who they want. The hope is that we will hear back before the week is over.

Fingers crossed.

Gluten Free Dinner with Cider Pairings

Last Monday Katie and I went to Nightingale for a prix fix meal. Let me preface this by saying that Katie used to work at Nightingale. Therefore, she saw this awesome meal coming up and asked me if I wanted to go. (Remember though, no one gives me anything for my opinions, they are all mine.)

Nightingale has been doing meals paired with local breweries for a while now. None of those appeal to me because of that whole, I can’t drink beer thing. Well this one was set to be paired with cider, from my favorite cider brewery. And to top it off, the entire menu was set to be gluten free (something Nightingale already does well with).

That would be Sociable Cider Werks in Northeast Minneapolis. If you’re ever in town, you’ve gotta stop by and check them out. They make craft cider like most breweries make craft beer. It is super different from anything else I’ve had. They pride themselves on using fresh (mostly) local apples. It happens to be that Minnesota is home to the most famous types of apples (does it get better than honeycrisp?).

Menu and quick pictures of our meal
Menu and quick pictures of our meal

We got started with deep fried risotto. So tasty. The rest of the menu pretty much speaks for itself, so I won’t go over what every little thing was.

The habanero cucumber cider was awesome. It was one of those spiced things that really doesn’t hit you until you’ve been sitting there a while. The veggies were my favorite thing of the evening.

I don’t believe I’d ever had pate or chicken liver before, so that was a new experience. It was definitely one of those things that if I didn’t know what it was, it might have gone over better. That being said, I’d eat it again!

This is, I believe, the first ravioli I have had since being gluten intolerant (going on 16 years now). I was rather excited for this experience. I was a little bummed to discover that the pasta didn’t hold up to the broth very well, and ended up falling apart. That is rather common with gluten free things; they just don’t hold up well to moisture on top. Oh well. Flavors were spot on.

The burnout smoked apple cider was the winner of the night. In the announcement bit about each dish and cider we found out that this was the last barrel of this cider. That was very sad to hear because other wise I would definitely be heading up to grab some more. We had to have another glass of that before heading home for the night.

You’ll notice that my plate picture certainly doesn’t look much like halibut. That’s the joy of eating out with Katie sometimes. We got scallops instead, as they ended up being a tad short on fish and we were more than happy to have scallops. Everything on the plate was delicious, but perhaps didn’t quite go together.

I am a fan of goat cheese, and the homemade ricotta was no exception. Creamy and tart all at once. Delicious.

It was so nice to sit down to a meal and not have to ask one single question about what was in the food! I forgot how easy it is to simply eat what is served to you without worry.

Other Info About Me

My About Me is a pretty brief little thing and I thought maybe some people might want to know a little bit more about me. These things don’t make for a very nice paragraph, so I’ll just go with a randomly ordered list.

  1. I have Celiac. Diagnosed in 1999 in 5th grade. Sometimes I forget this is a weird thing.
  2. I have a cat. His name is Mitten and he’s an orange tabby.
  3. I live in Saint Paul, MN.
  4. My favorite part of flying is take off. I’m still amazed every time when the plane leaves the ground.
  5. I like wine. A lot.
  6. I’ve had diabetes since 1993.
  7. I’ve had a Medtronic Insulin Pump since before it was called Medtronic.
  8. My first insulin pump was a Minimed 508.
  9. My older half sister also has T1D.
  10. I was lucky and got to go to a camp for diabetics as a kid. One of the best experiences for a young diabetic ever.
  11. I’ve got two piggy banks which I’ve been putting money in since college.
  12. I’m planning a trip to Western European for this summer.
  13. I like cooking, but hate cooking for one.
  14. I’m horrible at cleaning my house.
  15. I have tiny feet. I wear a US size 6. It makes for great clearance shoe shopping.
  16. I occasionally get around to my sewing projects. Currently working on a quilt for myself as no one I know is currently pregnant. (I’ve been making baby quilts as presents)
  17. I have never lived outside of the Midwest (Minnesota and Wisconsin).
  18. I’ve been to all 50 states.
  19. My first ever plane flight was going to Vegas (as a small baby).
  20. I could almost survive on potatoes and cheese (but I sure wouldn’t be healthy).

I’m sure I’ll come up with some more info for you soon, and I’m sure there will be some more things that you learn as I post more.

Does anyone like the Dentist?

So title be darned, I actually like the dentist. I’m crazy right?

I really shouldn’t like the dentist. I’ve had some variety of screwed up teeth forever (apparently a symptom of celiac, who knew!). But I don’t care. I love going in and having my teeth cleaned. Even if it means I may have to go in for a filling later (note: I do). I think my parents were more concerned with other aspects of my health growing up, and I have never had the greatest dental hygiene habits. Oh well, I’m alive.

And regardless of what my parents did, I’ve got a giant sweet tooth now. Apparently this isn’t something the dental hygienist expected, because I’m, you know, diabetic. So it was suggested that I try to rinse out my mouth better after eating or drinking sweet things. At least these are easy things to do.

So that was my morning, then I grabbed a coffee (mocha, a nice sweet coffee, exactly what the dentist just told me I should do a better job avoiding) on my way to work.

My boss, and my boss’s boss are out on vacation this week. Seems that their kids have spring break at the same time. That means that I’ve been spending a decent portion of my day watching the Men’s World Curling Championships. This year, ESPN hooked up a deal with TSN (Canadian Sports Channel) to show any curling that TSN covers (Canadian Nationals and Worlds). Being able to watch so much curling is an entirely new thing for me and I’m loving it. However, we are at the mercy of whatever game TSN is showing (cough*alwayscanada*cough). So I’ve also been following the action on curlinggeek.com, which does shot by shot updates. Not as accurate, but quite lovely over just watching the line scores.

Today was a particularly important day for Team USA. They’ve been fighting tooth and nail all week, and are right on the edge of making playoffs. They had two must win games today (one while I was at the dentist and couldn’t follow!). And they won BOTH! So exciting. Now they have to wait and see how this evenings games turn out (currently going as I type).

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, even if it may not be too exciting 🙂 Thanks for reading.