Teaching Curling and a 5k

Spring league for curling starts this week. I figured since I have some brand new and rather new curlers playing, I should probably teach them how to curl before we show up for our first league game. So I stopped down to find out when there would be space on the ice for us, that wasn’t in the middle of the day. Turns out it was Friday night. So off we went.

Learning to Curl

I know that I had a blast. I think everyone else did. I think we’ve got the very basics of curling down and are now ready to take on the world. Or at least that very small portion of it that is Thursday Night Saint Paul Spring League. I won’t be too surprised if we win games, as the back end is made up of good competitive players, but I will be surprised if we have any front end rocks that score points for us. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I sadly had to cut the festivities a tiny bit short after the learn to curl session as 5ks always seem to be bright and early.

The suggested time to arrive at the beginning area was 7:10, for a 8:10 start. That’s insanely early, so Katie and I agreed to meet up at 7:30. Of course, Katie being earlier than me for everything, was probably there around 7:10 anyways. I was lucky enough to rope the boy into dropping me off near the start on his way home to save myself some walking and the pain that is parking anywhere near a large race. This worked out marvelously.

I found Katie. We checked out all the stuff that was going on. Saw everyone rocking their new sweatshirts that came in the goody bag picked up the night before (yes, you could get your sweatshirt without actually running the race!). It was chilly before the race (chilly being around 45 degrees). They had a couple different cool inflatables up for pictures and generally looking awesome. Katie and I of course took the standard picture.

This is a giant blow up mug of hot chocolate!
This is a giant blow up mug of hot chocolate!

Then we dropped off our stuff at bag check and headed toward the start corral. This was a GIANT 5k. I believe the corrals went all the way up to K. I was in corral C, Katie was in G. They put you in corrals based on your predicted running speed. I believe I entered a 9:20 minute mile, but I really have no idea as I signed up months ago. My goal was a 30 minute race. This was one of the best organized races I have run, especially impressive with the extreme size.

So off we went running. I got to the first mile marker and it said 20:33 because they start each corral roughly 3 minutes apart. This meant that I had NO idea how I was doing in terms of my 30 minute goal. Oh well. I was happy to see my mom stationed in the middle of the Stone Arch Bridge (a Minneapolis landmark in it’s own right) which was about half way through the race, and always takes longer to run across than I expect. I got to Mile 2 marker exactly 10 minutes after the time I saw at Mile 1. That meant I had to pick it up for the finish. I ended up finishing with a 30:49 time. Not too bad since I didn’t train nearly as much as I should have.

I knew I would have time to head back and catch Katie up the final hill, about .3 miles before the finish line, and a real bugger to run at that point. I cheered for everyone as they were running by (always a great thing to hear when you’re running!), waiting for Katie. I saw her and ran a tiny bit with her towards the finish. She totally nailed her goal, which was super exciting to see, as this was her first 5k ever!

We didn’t pick the Hot Chocolate 5k by accident. No, we picked it because they give you chocolate at the end. These were by far the best post race snacks ever.


After a brief rest, we walked to brunch at a restaurant that was between Katie’s car and the light rail stop from where I would be heading home. It’s great to eat brunch after you know you’ve run enough to burn off the calories. I mean, maybe not brunch AND chocolate treat calories, but who really cares about that.

This post was nicely written in a coffee shop, which has proved to me that I believe the problems I’m having with my computer and the internet are at least in part due to my internet at home. I guess I’ll take some more advantage of my Amazon Prime subscription and order myself a new WiFi Router 🙁

The hardest step

This was definitely a perfect description today. I got home from work, knowing that a run was on my calendar. I had zero desire to do it. However, knowing myself, I changed out of my work clothes and straight into running clothes. Then I sat down. Oops. 35 minutes later, I finally made it out the door.

I decided I would run to the gym and swipe in (the whole, if you get 12 gym visits you get $20 back is a pretty good motivator). The gym is 1.4 miles from my house. So of course by the time I was back close to home, I was in enough of a groove to decide I should really knock out a 5k (3.1 miles). I was pleasantly surprised that I killed it in 31 minutes! That includes the time I had to stop for traffic and for my swipe at the gym! I had originally had a goal of under 30 minutes for my 5k on April 18th, but I think I can do better than that. We shall see what I think as it gets closer.

I’m not sure what everyone else eats for carbs before exercise, but I’d love to hear it. My current favorite is the Starburst Fave Red Jelly Beans. So good. So many carbs that hit me quickly. 180 before my run, 15g of jelly beans and off I went. Felt great, it wasn’t a long enough run for me to worry about seriously dropping while I was out. Came home, checked the CGM before hopping in the shower and I see 123 with double down arrows. I seriously didn’t think I worked that hard! After the shower 91 with one down arrow. And I wasn’t hungry. Good thing those jelly beans are tasty because my meter says 77. I used to try to determine if my runs were calorie neutral, but that can be such a bummer when they aren’t, so I stopped.

More runs to come!

Is it spring?

Today may be the start to spring here in Minnesota. Take a look at these upcoming temperatures.

Weather 08Mar15


I’m not sure what the temperature actually made it to, but it was warm enough to go for a run in leggings and a long sleeve! I saw some other people who were a tad braver than I, running in shorts. I was finally able to get my tush off my sofa for a run around mid day. It’s been since, let me think, November? since I have been for a run outside. I wanted to make sure I took it easy on myself, so I enjoyed a slow 3 miles.

I’ve got to get back into better running shape, as I signed up for a 5k on April 18th. I also convinced one of my besties, Katie, to give this 5k a try. It happens to be the Hot Chocolate 5k. That’s a pretty enticing prize pack. This will be my first 5k since July of last summer, but this will be Katie’s first 5k! I’m very proud of her for agreeing to run it. It’s been awesome to hear her progress through a couch to 5k program. It definitely reminds me that I can’t be slacking on my training runs either.

Luckily today my blood sugar decided to respond as expected. Usually a run this short, starting with a in range blood sugar, I just need a 15 grams of carbs before I head out. Then I’ll eat a bit more after I shower when I get back to stop from dropping afterwards. Today, my run ended at Caribou Coffee. My theory is that if chocolate milk is a good post workout drink, then a mocha is pretty much the same thing right? However it is a nice source of carbs and protein. Besides being extremely tasty.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my trainer. I’m heading there right after work so that I can make it to a Paint Nite after! I’ve been seeing pictures all over from these events and they always looked fun. I’ll let you all see my “masterpiece” later this week. It will be a great demonstration of my lack of artistic talent.