Day 1 and 2 – Iceland!

We made it! Mom and I decided to cut our flight a little close as we were sitting and having a relaxing glass of wine at the airport, but we got on just fine. Oops. I’m always a fan of uneventful flights, this was one of them. Some sleeping, some trying to sleep, and then we were magically in Iceland.

Off we go to the Blue Lagoon!
Off we go to the Blue Lagoon!

Stop number one was the Blue Lagoon. Perhaps not the best at handling groups all arriving at once, but once inside it was worth the waiting. I’m not crazy enough to have brought my camera into the pool with me. I thought the photos of the blue water were lying however, so had to take one at the entrance.

Yep, it's really blue.
Yep, it’s really blue.

Off to lunch in Reykjavik before heading to meet up with our Airbnb host. We made a quick stop at the Hallgrimskirkja as it was close by. I hope to make time for an actual visit. This is the church on the highest point in Reykjavik, which at least means we can look to it to find our way home if we get lost.


A little walk by the harbor side on our way to dinner and a nice walk home afterwards. Sleeping time as traveling is never restful.

Today (Saturday) we were booked for a Golden Circle Tour. Pick up was “bright and early” at 830. (Mind you, everything is bright here, regardless of the time)

This tour was absolutely amazing. We got to see some water falls, the geysers and the transatlantic ridge (where the two tectonic plates are separating). We lucked out with some extraordinary weather. Even the guide was commenting this was the nicest day of the year so far. Check out all the pictures below. Too many to add them all separately!

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Back home and off to dinner in a bit now. It looks to be as amazing of weather tomorrow as it was today.

Yes, I know some of those pictures are showing up sideways. I’m sure I could fix it, but I’m going to enjoy my travels instead. Too much work!

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