Day 13 – Ships and Sculptures

I started today out heading to the Maritime Museum in Oslo. The museum is located on the end of a peninsula, which has a ferry that runs between there and essentially downtown Oslo. I bought myself a 24 hour transportation ticket (bus, tram, ferry) and got ready to go. Turns out, the ferry to the museums is the only thing on the maps that doesn’t work with a normal bus ticket. So bus it was.

Almost everyone else got off at the Viking Ship Museum, but I kept going. The museum had been open for about an hour by the time I got there, yet there was no one in the exhibits. Like really, I was the only one in there for a long time. They had a lot of awesome information about shipping in Norway. Did you know that the largest cruise-lines in the world started from Norwegian Ferry companies? Nope? Me neither. I finally figured out what they meant by the different styles of boat building, which is useful, if I was going to build some ancient boats, or if I’d known it when reading descriptions for the past 6 days.

The view out from the museum, towards the fjord and the islands.
The view out from the museum, towards the fjord and the islands.

The views from outside the museum were quite amazing as well. Turns out lots of people in Oslo own sailing boats. Not sure if you can even distinguish one mast from another in the picture.



From there, I headed back up the road to the Viking Ship Museum, which was still crawling with people. The museum has the remains of 3 viking ships which were found in Norway, between 1896 and 1904, and have been preserved and reconstructed. The ships were all used as burial vessels for important people of the time (all are believed to have been buried before 920). The first one was assembled from 90% original material! The second one, not as much, and the third one… just scroll to that picture.

First Ship
First Ship
Second Ship
Second Ship
Third Ship!
Third Ship!

The found a fourth around the same time, but that one had nothing left of the actual ship. They found lots of bits and pieces to go with the burial. The Viking people appear to have believed in the after life and that you needed the same material things there as in the living world, so animals, food, tools, etc. were also buried with the person. They believe jewelry was also buried, but the mounds were all robbed (evidenced by broken things) shortly after the entombment.

Hopped the bus back to town and up to the Vigeland Park. This is something I need to read up on a bit more, but I couldn’t talk myself into the museum with how nice of a day it was. Essentially it’s a large park a bit outside the city center, with a ton of Vigeland Sculptures. Some of them are very well known, others perhaps not as much. I, ofcourse, was drawn to the big things, like everyone else. I took some time to look at all the smaller sculptures around, and regardless of the position the people were in, they all just seemed so sad! I could tell some things were clearly happy events depicted, but the faces were so somber and sad looking to me. All of the sculptures are people, with the extremely large majority being groups of people.





I pretty much just hung out in the park until the massive rush of tourists left. It really is a thing here to just sun bathe and have lunch in the park (which I was happy to participate in). Lots of people were in the park: some groups of friends, some families, some single people. A lot of the groups and families were grilling food. However, grilling here is totally different than home. Since everyone travels by bus/tram or bike or walking, no one owns actual grills. And there aren’t any in the park. But you can buy these one time use grills from the grocery stores! Pretty neat contraptions if you ask me. No long time grilling on them though, and probably nothing that wasn’t pre-cooked.

I was glad I brought sunscreen with me otherwise I would be fried pink! Such a nice day. Now off to my room, where I now have 3 other roommates!


Steps: 16,480 (even with a bus pass!)

Floors: 23

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  1. Alex
    We loved Oslo and went all the places you did.
    They let us take pictures of Scream.
    Love your commentary

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