Day 17 – Copenhagen by Tour

Today I started off trying to find a new book to read. Using google, I found a place that was listed as a second hand book store and off I went. Turns out, it was actually an antique book store… so back to the one on the corner that sells new books!

I then met up with the Sandeman’s New Europe Tour. It’s a free walking tour that is generally a couple hours. It happened to be that this was an extremely warm day, so on this tour I was joined by my friends sweat and sunburn. Oops. Nothing too horrible luckily.

We pretty much walked around and got the history of bits and pieces of the city. Something I found very amusing is that with one exception, all Kings of Denmark have been named Frederik or Christian, alternating. And Denmark has been a monarchy for a long time. Otherwise I thought the tour was good to get little bits about the city and to find out what I didn’t need to go see any more of.

Following the tour I joined two other girls, Jeanette and Sara, whom I had just met and we walked the bit farther to the Little Mermaid Statue. Just as everyone tells you, really not that impressive and there’s a lot of people around because every major tour in Copenhagen takes you there. But I took my picture anyways!


I then hopped the bus back, using the 24 hour ticket I’d gotten the night before. It was nice because we’d already walked a lot, and my feet were tired!

I then decided to do the new “thing to do” in Copenhagen and head to the harbor for some swimming. I was aiming for the public baths, which are where the city essentially built pools into the side of the harbor, using the harbor water. This is a new thing because previously Copenhagen had been struggling with dirty harbor water, not suitable for swimming. I didn’t actually make it to the baths as I got to the harbor side and pretty much there were people sunbathing and swimming everywhere, so why walk any farther.

There are ladders for climbing out spread around, one right in the by where the dock is clearly wet.
There are ladders for climbing out spread around, one right in the by where the dock is clearly wet.

I had an entertaining reminder when I jumped in the water. I had completely forgotten that this was salt water. Oh Minnesota and your fresh water lakes. It was chilly, but very refreshing for such a hot day.

On a less exciting note, I had stuck a new sensor in in the morning, and with all the being hot and being in the water, it decided that sticking to my skin wasn’t something it wanted to do. Bummer because it’d been working well so far. Good thing I packed extras. It also tells me that I absolutely can’t try to stick those to my skin unless it’s immediately after a shower. Oh well, more luggage space.

I then headed home for a quick shower before meeting up with the girls I mentioned earlier. We had signed up for the Pub Crawl. In the end there were roughly 10 people on the pub crawl and it was pretty fun. We ended at a club, which we arrived at around 12:30. When I left around 2:30, there were a lot of people still streaming into the club. Walked most of the way home with some other new friends from the pub crawl. We made the stop that is apparently normal all over, for fast food, on the way home. McDonald’s french fries are good for something abroad.

The final bit of my walk home, the guy in front of me walking had some rather amusing attempts by hookers trying to get him to take them home. He wasn’t so amused by it, but I thought it was funny.

No steps because when I got home, my fitbit was dead. Figuring I’d just charge it and then be fine, but nope, no charging, no restarting, so no steps. This is rougher for me than I expected, but thankfully this is the best option for electronics failure possible.

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