Day 38: Thalys and Paris

I had previously made my reservations for the train from Brugge to Paris. I had to change at Brussels Midi (French) or Zuid (Flemish) station. Of course it was always listed as Midi when I search, and so when they only announce Zuid it always freaks me out. And then I got on my Thalys train, and someone is in my seat. Which is fine had I understood what they were saying, that seats don’t matter that much, just pick one. But luckily, someone near me also made the person in their seat move. So I wasn’t alone. And my reserved seat had a nice window.

Got to Paris fine. Had the easiest time yet finding my Hostel.

I got in around 12, and I was hoping to grab the 1pm walking tour. Well. I got there around 1:15 and it was very gone by then. So realizing that the tour started by Notre Dame, I headed over there. Just saw the outside but got good info about opening times and saw that you could climb the towers which I hadn’t known before. And because it was Saturday, they were open until 11! I decided that was a must do. I wandered off to Saint Chappel, and found a short line and decided to wait.

Saint Chappel is in what is now the Palace of Justice. It used to be a royal residence. And the Saint Chappel was created to house the relics, which are also no longer there, but now at the Notre Dame treasury. However, this was still a very good site to see. I picked up the Paris Museum Pass as my ticket for this entrance.

If you have any sort of tiny love of stained glass, but the Saint Chappel on the top of your list. Wow. I have a couple pictures, but I’m sure they don’t do it justice.


I was very amused by the entrance area to the Saint Chappel. So the Palace of Justice that surrounds the chapel is all the old Parisian style. But check out this building in the courtyard.


Clearly they ran out of office space.

After this I headed back to actually check into my Hostel. Then grabbed a drink before heading back to the Notre Dame for the late night special. I left the hostel at 9ish, got to the line at 10 and was worried they were going to close it before I got up. I was so happy to see the “line closed” sign go past me. Such a great view.

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Back home on the metro. Thankfully not too creepy, even at night.

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