Day 41: More Classic Paris

I slept in a bit after my late night out, which was a mistake. I was heading to the Musee d’Orsay in the morning. Well, so was everyone else. If I’d read up a bit more I would have found that Tuesdays are a really bad day to visit the Musee d’Orsay because the Louvre is closed and so everyone goes there. The line was down the block, almost around the corner; and yes, it was the line for the museum pass which usually has a line jumping aspect.

Got in and wandered around. The museum is in an old train station, which is super cool looking to me.


Otherwise, there’s a lot of cool more contemporary art in the museum. I really enjoyed this museum a lot more than the Louvre, but that’s obviously due to the type of art I enjoy. I caught a few more Van Gogh pieces here. I was super annoyed that I’d seen 3 very good Van Gogh displays and had not yet seen his Starry Night painting. So I had to look up where it is. Of course, it’s in the Met, in NYC. So maybe I’ll have to take a trip there to see it soon. But amusingly, every museum sells pictures of it, or souvenirs with that on it. So every time I thought that museum had the actual painting.

I did really love the gallery with all the painters that used the dot painting method. Van Gogh and Munch tried it at one point which was displayed in their comparison at the Munch museum in Oslo (which I’m loving more and more as I see other museums). Anyways, this is one that I really found myself drawn to.

Interesting to me more due to method than subject
Interesting to me more due to method than subject

I’m amazed how the contrasting colors really play into the overall view of the subject in the paintings. I wish I could take up a painting hobby (just like I wish I could take up a lace hobby, maybe someday).

After this I headed over to check out Notre Dame. The line was insane, and I seriously debated going in or not. I ended up deciding yes. All said and done now, it wasn’t too interesting and I would have not been too sad to miss it. But not knowing, I would have been sad, so I’m glad I waited. The line had the out and back and turned out again. Yet it didn’t take more than 45 minutes. And was very organized for having no ropes.

Afterward I headed back to the hostel to do some laundry and to sit down. Both were very needed. Everything was dirty, and I was pooped. I had tossed out dinner to everyone again that night, gotten no response (for dinner), so off I went to eat on my own after my laundry was finished.

I got to Bouillon Chartier and the entire menu is in French so I just kind of picked something. I ordered it and the server asked me like four times if I was sure I wanted that. It was very French. She described it as intestines. Which made sense because I thought it was sausage from the name. So I said yes, I’d like that, regardless of her questions.

Well, she was right. And intestines was an understatement. I got it and tried it. It looks like a sausage. I cut it open, and no longer do I think it is a sausage. It smells like a barn yard. I convinced myself I needed a bit to say I’d had it. So I took a bite. Ew. I had to order something else. Luckily for the server, she had warned me every way possible, so I ordered another and paid for both. Lucky for me, it wasn’t a super expensive restaurant, good place to try weird food.

This is what I ordered. I couldn't even tell you what it is. I'm impressed they could.
This is what I ordered. I couldn’t even tell you what it is. I’m impressed they could.

Checked out the wifi and ended up meeting up with the same people later nearby. The Danish girls were there before the others, and had brought drinks with them. So we headed to find a bench or a park, which didn’t exist so we settled for a curb to drink some. Then we headed to a bar where everyone else met us, but we still had drinks left in the bought drinks. Three of us went out to have a bit more, and came back to the bar, and were told we couldn’t go in. Well, that’s a problem. Our things were in there and coats and our friends. Convinced the security guy to let one person go in to collect things. I’m sure they didn’t expect to lose 8 people when they said the three of us couldn’t go back in, but they did. And no one was even close to annoying. So weird. Would never fly at home.

Headed home after checking out another bar for a bit. Nothing too exciting.

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