Day 47 – Eze and Nice

So the train to Monaco stops in Eze sur Mer, which means to get to Eze, you have to take the bus. Luckily, I’m pretty sure nothing will ever surpass the terrifying bus ride on the Fjord Tour from Bergen, so no biggie. You get some amazing views over Nice (pronounced like “niece” for those unfamiliar, yay French!) and the ocean. After this bus ride, I do wish I could have done the bus to Monaco, with the stop in Nice, just to see the trip. But I wasn’t about to go back to Monaco again.

Anyways, bus drops you off at the “top” of the hill. Sort of. It’s the top of normal places for now-a-days, but the old hill top Eze is still up hill. Stopped at the tourist info office, which here, must be the worlds most boring job. “We are here. *circle on map* Go up this street, up these stairs, and there’s the entrance to the old Eze. *draw line along the path*” And then the person leaves. Repeat.

I headed up the hill, found the village without a problem. It’s free to enter until you get to the exotic gardens, which cost 6€ and also encompass the very top of the hill. Well worth the fee. Overall I thought it was very cool to see the old village area and the insane ability of people to construct things on the side of a mountain. Thanks to my Step-mom and Dad for suggesting this one.

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Super fun town to walk around. If I never see an uphill street with steps though, I’d be fine (I passed on the meditation gardens because they were down the stairs, then back up to leave). No wonder these Europeans are so skinny/in shape/fit. It’d be hard to be anything else when you have to walk and hike to get where you’re going!

I caught the bus from a stop I found while walking around killing time. This bus isn’t like a city bus that runs every 20 minutes. More like every 2 hours. So I was ready to leave, but hadn’t planned well and the next bus was in an hour. So I decided to walk around the rest of the town and see what there was. Not much. But that’s how I got those awesome views of the town. The bus was supposed to be in town at 12:10. So I figured it’d be at my stop at say, 12:09. It wasn’t far. So when 12:10 came and went… and then 12:20…. and then 12:30… I was about to walk to town to catch the bus to the train station. Thank goodness I was as patient as I was, because a bus pulled up right then. I was happy to be on a stop before the town, because I got a seat by the window!

Wandered around the old town for a bit, looking for a couple things. Why is it when I decide I want something, I can then never find it? Oh well. I had plenty to mail home as it was. Which was the next stop. Picked up a box at the French Postal service. 5kg for 45€. Not too horrible in my opinion. Carrying the filled box back to the station, I’d swear I was over weight. Put my box on the scale; and nope, 2.6kg. Well then. Still a lot out of my pack (it was 12kg when I started – per Iceland Air). Which meant more space for future shopping! They said delivery is normally 5-8 days and I was floored.

Next up I caught the bus to a Nice beach. I, once again, didn’t want to be packed in so I headed down the beach a bit. The Nice beaches are pebble beaches, in case someone hadn’t heard of the famous Nice beaches before. Amusingly to me, this was actually the most comfortable beach I’d been on. Probably because the “pebbles” don’t stick to your feet when you walk through them. I had a brief picnic then spent the time watching people. Just such a pretty beach.

A bit before sunset. Certainly gorgeous.
A bit before sunset. Certainly gorgeous.
I had to take a picture of the sailboat after being with Amy and her tall ship love.
I had to take a picture of the sailboat after being with Amy and her tall ship love.

People pretty much left when the sun left the beach. It sets essentially right behind the beach, and so the sunlight on the beach is gone a long time before the light. I enjoyed the calm, and luckily, the buses ran for another hour or two, but only once or twice an hour.

This is a good time to mention how annihilated my shoes are. It’s amazing what 5-15 miles a day, every other day, for two months will do to shoes. If you look at the ball and heel of these Toms, you can see that they are worn totally flat. This has been making for interesting walking if it rains, or the ground is otherwise wet, as a lot of towns pave with smooth stones. **Thinks to self, I will not repeat the fall in Amsterdam** Overall, loving my shoe choices. Other than the amazingly solid tan lines that only two pairs of shoes is creating.




Caught a bus home. I got to the stop, and thought that I had just missed the previous bus by around 10 minutes. But after my earlier adventure, decided I really couldn’t stray too far as maybe I didn’t really miss it. That happened to be the case. And I probably looked like an idiot waving down the bus. I wasn’t quite back to the stop yet, and you have to wave down the bus even at the stop, so I really wanted to be sure it didn’t miss me! Waiting another half hour wasn’t sounding exciting.

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