Day 7 – Norway in a Nutshell

Today we got up nice and early because we wanted to go on the circular Norway in a Nutshell tour and the train with space left at 6:51. Not too horrible since that was sitting and looking out the window for a few hours to start.

People aren’t lying when they tell you that the Bergen/Oslo and Flåm railways are the most beautiful. We got off the Bergen line at Myrdal to wait for the Flåmsbana. This trip was billed as the most beautiful train ride in the world. That’s pretty big hype. But even the start of the train was gorgeous.

This is the Myrdal Station. Yes, there's snow.
This is the Myrdal Station. Yes, there’s snow.

I’ve only got a couple snapshots for you from the rail line. Tough to take pictures, this is why you should go on the trip yourself. You can also chose to bike or hike from the top to the bottom (or the bottom to the top if you’re really crazy) which would allow for a slower viewing. But remember, snow. In June.

First stop: this roaring waterfall
First stop: this roaring waterfall
This is the road that was used before the rail line was put in.
This is the road that was used before the rail line was put in.

The train ride takes around an hour, and goes 20km. The incline varies, but is really steep. The museum in Flåm tells you that the engines that run on this line have been specially built and contain extra braking mechanisms.

From Flåm, we hopped on a boat to cruise down the Sognefjorden. This is the longest ice-free fjord in the world. I didn’t understand how beautiful the fjords actually were until getting here and seeing this. We also seem to have lucked out that the water seems to be very high right now, and all the rivers and streams are flowing at capacity. This makes for some amazing waterfalls.

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Now, there were some things I didn’t quite understand about the fjord life. One was how on earth you get to some of the houses you see. I mean, really. Check out this house below.

That’s another fjord cruise boat.

There is NOTHING around this house. For a long way. And it’s not like you’re going to climb that cliff. There must be a road I can’t see, but still crazy. There was also some of the most interesting electrical wiring I’ve ever seen. It was strung along the side of one mountain for a while, then went all the way across the fjord to a tiny town on the other side.

After we got off the boat, we were on to a bus for the trip back to the train. I wish I had gotten pictures to do the bus ride justice, but I was too terrified to get my camera out. Below is the road that we went down. This was on a full size coach bus. The road sign said maximum length for a vehicle was 13m, which is pretty close to the bus length. Normal slopes you see warnings for are around 8-10% grade. This one was 18% and making hairpin turns. About half way through I got over being terrified, and determined that this was in fact a really pretty view. Too bad I had to about shit my pants to see it.

Windy Road

Dinner back in Bergen and to bed for another adventure the next day.

My new section for you is going to be a quick summary of the days steps and flights of stairs (which also includes walking up steep hills), per fitbit. It’s been amusing to me to see.

Steps: 12,475

Floors: 28

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