Days 3-5: Reykjavik and the Start to Bergen

The remainder of our days in Reykjavik were spent around town.

We checked out the Whale Museum (not worth a visit if you’re there, I was expecting actual whale specimens) in the morning, then headed over to the harbor area to check out our tour options to go out and see the Puffins. Mix in some lunch, some coffee, the Volcano House and then we were off to see the puffins. Sadly, there weren’t too many around for our tour. No pictures as they were small and far away and I was on a rocking boat with my not so nice camera… wouldn’t be even worth the space. Cute little things they are though. However in it’s place, a picture of my mom in her, as she calls it, “rockin puffin hat”. Finished our tour and hit up Valdis Ice Cream for an afternoon snack. Delicious.

The "rockin puffin hat" from  Nova Scotia
The “rockin puffin hat” from Nova Scotia

Monday we went for the museums (and a bit of shopping). I would say that no trip to Reykjavik is complete without a stop at the Icelandic Phallological Museum. Totally worth the 2000isk to go. Just tons and tons of random penis displays.

Crazy right?
Crazy right?

From all sorts of different animals, and in lots of different types of preservations. Rather amusing are the people who have requested/plan to donate their own jewels to the museum. Or perhaps the casting people did and submitted. Whatever, it’s an odd place totally worth checking out.

We then went to Hallgrimskirkja and took a look inside and a trip to the top of the tower. It’s a great spot to look out over all of Reykjavik, as the tower is tall and the church is on the top of the hill. It was cloudier this day than others so everything was a bit more mute in color.

Looking towards the ocean from the top of the tower. Reykjavik looks much more classic scandinavian from up here.
Looking towards the ocean from the top of the tower. Reykjavik looks much more classic scandinavian from up here.

Stopped for lunch before some more wandering. I think I’ll be eating plenty of fish on this trip if these first few days are any indication. So delicious and such a great deal!

Wandering down near the city center we saw a tall ship in the harbor. Of course we had to go check it out. Turns out the Danish Navy training vessel was in town for a few days. Such a cool looking ship. Also the building behind the ship is the new theater and shows awesome colors when there is light reflecting on it.

(We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather)

I almost came home with a new winter jacket. Lucky or sadly, they didn’t have a normal color of the coat I wanted, in my size. I wasn’t a fan of the blaze orange for an every day winter coat. Came very close to buying a fall coat as well, but that’s just so impractical in Minnesota.

Today/Tuesday we headed off to Bergen. Walked ourselves to the bus station bright and early to catch the FlyBus to the airport for our 8am flight. No cutting it close this time. Plenty of time for coffee and breakfast before we left the airport. Repeat on the other end at Bergen.

This is the bathroom sign in the Bergen Airport!
This is the bathroom sign in the Bergen Airport!

Found our new place to stay (so cute) and headed down to the train station to book our trip tickets and the information center for other things to check out in town.

This hill looks less steep in the picture than it really is
This hill looks less steep in the picture than it really is

Grabbed some Linner (Lunch/Dinner) at the food stalls by the harbor. Some more great fish. I went for the Salmon plate. They managed to forget that I had ordered that, and so when I went back to ask about it they felt horribly. The upside of this was that I also got some shrimp and some smoked salmon along with a GIANT serving of grilled salmon. Turns out I was hungry as I managed to eat almost all of it (too many shrimp for me to eat).


Some more wandering around and a restful evening at home now. We are off bright and early for our “Norway in a nutshell” tour. 6:51 the train leaves! We are training to Myrdal, then the scenic train to Flam, then a fjord boat tour, a pretty bus ride to Voss and the train back to Bergen. I’m getting my camera all charged up as this is supposed to be a gorgeous trip (glad to finally get it to charge, it’s been easier said than done. Only the camera is giving me troubles, none of the other electronics).

I’ll update you more later!


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