Diabetes Ut-Ohs

So I started this post a week ago, with the intention to update it the next night and post. Well, that didn’t happen, so here it is, a week late.

I’ve finally been getting back into the running this spring. It’s a lot later than I was intending, race day is in less than 2 weeks. Oops.

It was following my run this weekend that I stumbled on two new diabetes ut-ohs for me. I say ut-oh, because that’s usually the words out of my mouth, and they aren’t really big enough to warrant much beyond that.

The first was seeing the location of my previous sensor (3 days since it was on) being all mean and red looking. I always end up with the spots around the edges that collect extra fuzz from the adhesives, but the entire thing being red? Not normal. Not sure if there’s enough space on that side to fit another sensor when I have to head back there. Maybe I’ll have to try an “unapproved” spot, or turning to sensor a different direction.

Diabetes utohs

The second was seeing my infusion set filled with blood. I realize this probably happens to some people all the time, but I’ve never seen it before. Bleeding profusely when I take a site out? More common. Thankfully not all the time because that makes a mess. I took to Dr. Google to find out what to do about the site. The general out come was that as long as blood sugar wasn’t being affected, it should be fine. So I plugged that puppy back in and away we went.

Of course, now looking back at the past couple days (with this site) my sugars have been running higher, and I’ve not had quite the same post meal drops that I was seeing earlier. Now the site is timed out and I’ll have to put a new one in anyways, so too late to do anything about it. I will be mad if this becomes common, as this is one of my favorite spots to put sites!

The week late update to the post:

My Endo appointment was on Wednesday, and I was actually excited to go. I’ve been working a lot harder at my blood sugars over the past couple months and wanted to see the results. Well, it turned out great. Check out the shot below of my past A1c’s. These span a lot of years. Pay particular attention to the final one.

Okay lies. My computer/internet/blog seem to have something against uploading photos recently (not to mention general struggles). I’ll add this after I get the post up. To summarize, I have lots and lots of 8s and 9s in my A1c’s. This is my first one, like ever, that starts with a 7!

I’m pretty damn proud of myself, and it’s proof that these sensors are totally worth it.