House of Hearts and Maroon 5

Wow. What a whirl wind weekend. (And what a lot of w-words in a short span)

This past weekend was the Duluth Curling Club’s yearly House of Hearts Tournament. It is a fundraiser for St. Luke’s Foundation, formatted as a celebrity bonspiel (a curling tournament is called a bonspiel — damn scot’s). This means that everyone signs up, raises money, and then gets to curl with “famous” curlers. I say “famous” because no curler is really that famous, definitely not down here in the U.S. Some of the top fundraisers get to pick who they want to play with, everyone else is randomly assigned. I’m not sure how that assignment happens – the skips picked cards when we walked in.

Like I said, this is a fundraiser event. However, it’s really a GIANT party. And one of the best ones. We spend the weekend curling a bit, drinking a lot, and getting to know all sorts of new people, while also raising money through some interesting methods. Lots of money was raised with raffles and various other types of ticket sales. We auctioned off the chance to shave someone’s beard as another. So, it spanned all options. I was pretty floored to find out that the event raised $27,000 when all I felt like I did was celebrate. There will be no pictures posted from this adventure, for good reasons.

Sunday was spent in recovery. I should have planned that for Monday as well, but alas, I had to work.

And then I had to go to training. What was I thinking. But I had to wedge that in quickly because I had tickets to see MAROON 5! I saw them last year, or was it two years ago, and they were great. Decided it was worth going again, and I wasn’t wrong. Katie and I went and it was a great show. I’m not sure how they fit so many songs into such a short time, everyone of which is a hit. Maroon 5 is one of my favorite artists to listen to when I’m running because they have so many upbeat tunes.

Sadly, no running for me today, as these past couple days I’ve been dropping low what feels like all the time. Evening runs are already the hardest for me in terms of blood sugar drops, so I decided after spending a couple hours today hanging between 60-80 (not super low, but I ate a ton to stay there) that I didn’t want to be low any more. A nice carb filled dinner (can you say pasta) and I’m happy to say low is not something that is happening tonight. I need a full nights sleep!

On an unrelated note, I was so excited to see Stephen’s blog post about my Champs with Diabetes Medal. I was thrilled when I saw the whole medal concept when I first started cruising around diabetes blogs. It’s such a genius idea! I have promised a picture with my medal, which I did get in the mail last week. I’ll get that picture this week. The end of last was just a little busy. I’ll post a picture up here when I get it taken.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out Alex! No hurry on the medal photo. Your athletic achievements are a super example for all of us who want to stay active while living with diabetes. Be well!

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