Oh Curling.

At last update I had just finished trying out for the National Curling Team. Well, all of us at the try-out heard back last week. Sad to say, I won’t be part of that team this year.

That just means that right now I’m trying to figure out what team I WILL be a part of. This is always a scramble it seems and just a general head ache. Once it’s sorted, then we can move on to the fun things like picking a schedule and trying to find sponsors (believe it or not, no one wants to sponsor curlers).

In the mean time, I’ve been keeping myself busy with other fun (less stressful) activities. This memorial day weekend we hit up the cabin. Sad to say, the weather wasn’t all it could have been. We were able to get outside on Saturday and some on Sunday but booked it home early on Monday because it just wasn’t that much fun hanging out inside in the rain :(.

It was an animal filled weekend. We (okay, not me, just the boy) were dog sitting, and then there was my cat and my mom’s. This would not be as exciting if my cat could just figure out how to get along with everyone else. My mom’s and the dog? Not a problem. Maybe sometime. Mitten (my cat) loves to be an outside cat. That doesn’t go so well at home, but at the cabin it’s great. Yes, he has a harness and leash. No, I don’t try to walk him. It’s mostly just so that I can grab him if I need to.

Watching the waves hit the shore
Watching the waves hit the shore

When we came back early from the cabin, I wasn’t all that sad, because it meant I had newly found time which I could use to my advantage! That means I decided I would rock out the quilt I needed to finish. I decided to make quilts for my friends when they have babies after realizing how much I love the home made quilts that are at my cabin. I also realized that very few people take the time to make anything, and it’s way more fun than anything I could ever buy for someone.

This quilt I started a long time ago, before my friend was even considering babies. So luckily a large part was done already. This is good as she’s due in September, and I’ll be gone for a huge chunk of time between now and then. Just a classic pattern, but spiced up with a fun print on the back.

Can you tell it's going to be a girl?
Can you tell it’s going to be a girl?

Now that this project is done, it’s back to figuring out curling plans and trip plans!

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