Roller Coaster!

Baby Rollercoaster
Baby Rollercoaster

It certainly was nice to see this shortly after breakfast this morning (that second little hill in there). I definitely guessed wrong about the insulin:food:exercise ratio last night and it showed. I was of course hungry after training, and ate a part healthy post work out snack, and a part treat. It probably didn’t help that I ended up low during training. I thought I got the insulin right to cover all of the carbs, so I set a temp basal as I went to sleep. WRONG. My pump woke me up because I was above target (yes, I have my high limit set quite high right now). Ah well, life will go on.

And on it went. I apparently decided that I didn’t really need to change my infusion set this morning, nor did I need to bring extra insulin with me to work (I don’t usually carry any, work is close). So I ran out of insulin near the end of the day. Did you know that there’s probably 20 units left after your pump says empty? At least that’s true for mine. I should probably stop relying on that so much though. Running it all the way dry is definitely not a good idea.

I hope everyone had a good Saint Patrick’s day. I’m not one to hugely celebrate (I save that for other things, like this weekend at the Duluth House of Hearts curling fundraiser, more on that later). My boyfriend and I decided that a Costco trip on St. Patty’s day is a good choice. We’re hoping that everyone else is out celebrating and the place will be empty. Who doesn’t love a good Costco date night?? Even the Bachelor went on one this season. If only I could find those blow up balls and some kids to push us around.

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