Paint Nite and a New Pump

I want to give a quick thanks to everyone that stopped by on #dblogcheck day! Perhaps some of you saw that on Monday night I was going to a Paint Nite event… this is the outcome from that!

It was a blast. I am actually super surprised at how much I like my painting! As you can tell from the pictures, they aren’t lying about painting in a bar. There’s a small glimpse of my drink right next to the canvas. (I got to try a cider I hadn’t had before… Hoppin Mad Apple by Angry Orchard. Quite a nice change from most of their cloyingly sweet ciders.) The downside of the painting in a bar thing, is that the lighting was atrocious — hence the also atrocious pictures. It did make for a more interesting painting being slightly unsure of what it would look like in real light.

Paint Nite

It was interesting to see that everyone’s painting turned out slightly differently. But the most surprising was when everyone was frustrated with how bad they thought their trees looked. Someone decided to go grab a glance at the instructors painting a bit closer up, and noted that her’s looked just like ours! It was just that from a distance you couldn’t tell. Shortly after that, everyone is painting, then backing up ten feet to look at it. Very much a good way to go about it.

On unrelated news, I got a new pump today! I’ve been getting a “MOTOR ERROR” quite frequently lately and was sick of it, so I called. Turns out if you try to look at your CGM data while a bolus is in progress, it freaks out. They decided to send me a new pump anyways. Good thing because my most recent pump has once again gotten cracks at the corner of the screen (this is time, 3 I believe). This is a fine thing in the winter when there’s less than zero humidity, but come the Minnesota summer, my screen starts to fog up when I go outside.

I’ve been using my sensor like crazy lately (can we say love?), so I set that up right away on my new pump. To return my old pump, I just had to set the basal to zero, so it was still up and running. I let both of them get the sensor data for a while. It was interesting to see. They would both have the same arrows (one up or one down, they would agree), but the numbers were off! This sensor is about 5 days old, and has been quite well tuned after day one.

I had heard that the Medtronic CGM uses multiple calibration data points to determine blood sugar, but I’d never seen how that could affect the data before. This definitely explains why the sensors get better with age. To a point.