I’m not sure how I am just now starting to discover the wonderful world of the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), but I seem to have found it at a pretty good time.

I made a new years resolution to improve my A1C this year, and decided a blog might help me out (please don’t ask how my brain functions). In the process though, I decided to google “diabetes blog” and see what everyone else was writing about. I already knew curling and my love for traveling (and pending trip in the early phases of planning) would make it into this, but wasn’t sure what I should or shouldn’t include about diabetes. I’ve never been particularly shy about sharing the fact that I’ve got diabetes (heck, I’ve got it tattoo’d on my wrist!), but for some reason wasn’t sure anyone else would care.

I’ve decided to participate in the #dblogcheck, even though I feel like I’m really unsure what I’m doing with this blog and exactly how it functions. I will probably add my URL out there for people to find me now, and see what everyone thinks (not that it matters, I’ll be trying to keep this up anyways). But if anyone has suggestions, improvements, etc. let me know!

You can follow me on social media, but I’m not sure if you’ll actually find anything there for a bit. One thing at a time; blog first, social media second.