Home life and right back to it

Okay, as most of you know, I’m back home now. I’ve been trying hard to get all of my trip day posts up, but it takes longer than I expect! So instead of waiting on all the home updates, I’ll mix those right in with my trip posts as I get those done.

I got home on a Sunday, and the next morning headed straight to the curling club for some practice. Sadly, I forgot that Monday is the ice maintenance day. So off to the gym instead. It was quite sad to work on a couple lifts and see how horribly weak I became over my trip. I had good intentions of working out a lot while I was gone, but was just so exhausted when I’d get home that I had no desire to do anything.

Tuesday I was able to get on the ice. It really is like riding a bike. I might end up sore, but it really just comes back so easily. I also decided that I needed some more interesting gym adventure. My friend Lindsay (and her husband Ben) has been kickboxing for a while, so much so that she’s an instructor now. And it always sounds like fun. So I caved and signed up for the intro package.

Turns out that I loved my first class, and signed up for some more. This I think is a good choice. Getting two vaccines in my arms (which were starting to be sore from the boxing) the next morning, was probably not a good choice. Sore, sore, sore arms!

Some more time on the curling ice, both for teaching and for playing and it was off to the weekend!

Does anyone like the Dentist?

So title be darned, I actually like the dentist. I’m crazy right?

I really shouldn’t like the dentist. I’ve had some variety of screwed up teeth forever (apparently a symptom of celiac, who knew!). But I don’t care. I love going in and having my teeth cleaned. Even if it means I may have to go in for a filling later (note: I do). I think my parents were more concerned with other aspects of my health growing up, and I have never had the greatest dental hygiene habits. Oh well, I’m alive.

And regardless of what my parents did, I’ve got a giant sweet tooth now. Apparently this isn’t something the dental hygienist expected, because I’m, you know, diabetic. So it was suggested that I try to rinse out my mouth better after eating or drinking sweet things. At least these are easy things to do.

So that was my morning, then I grabbed a coffee (mocha, a nice sweet coffee, exactly what the dentist just told me I should do a better job avoiding) on my way to work.

My boss, and my boss’s boss are out on vacation this week. Seems that their kids have spring break at the same time. That means that I’ve been spending a decent portion of my day watching the Men’s World Curling Championships. This year, ESPN hooked up a deal with TSN (Canadian Sports Channel) to show any curling that TSN covers (Canadian Nationals and Worlds). Being able to watch so much curling is an entirely new thing for me and I’m loving it. However, we are at the mercy of whatever game TSN is showing (cough*alwayscanada*cough). So I’ve also been following the action on curlinggeek.com, which does shot by shot updates. Not as accurate, but quite lovely over just watching the line scores.

Today was a particularly important day for Team USA. They’ve been fighting tooth and nail all week, and are right on the edge of making playoffs. They had two must win games today (one while I was at the dentist and couldn’t follow!). And they won BOTH! So exciting. Now they have to wait and see how this evenings games turn out (currently going as I type).

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, even if it may not be too exciting 🙂 Thanks for reading.