Back to being Sore

I might be crazy, but I actually seem to enjoy being sore after a work out.When I’m sore, to me, it means I worked hard enough the day before.

I took the week leading up to Nationals, the week of Nationals, and the week after, as “rest” weeks. I say “rest” because I don’t think playing 11 curling games in 7 days really counts as rest. But it was very different from what I usually do at the gym, therefore, it falls under rest.

That means that this past Monday was my first day back in the gym. Of course, Mondays are the day I work out with my trainer, so you know it wasn’t going to be easy. We I did many upper body exercises that night. Alex (my trainer) knows that I’m not a fan of triceps work outs, which means I don’t do much of it on my own, so he makes sure I do plenty of those. It’s thanks to this that I made it through those 11 games without being sore. However, I never enjoy it at the time. That combined with other shoulder and chest exercises and man was I tired at the end.

Come Tuesday night, it was back to curling. Luckily my league team has always been pretty flexible in terms of our line up, because sweeping was absolutely out of the question. My 6 feet of sweeping from the t-line back was more like light encouragement (coupled with a grimace).

However, I must be a glutton for punishment, as today I was right back at it. I was unsure about how it would go with the slight cold I caught (damn co-workers), but it actually seems to have helped! At least this is my opinion tonight; tomorrow as I’m waddling around sore I might feel differently.

Something new to me tonight was that of the 5 other people hanging out around¬†using the weights was that 3 of them were also female! I’m not sure what it is about weights, but they seem to scare many, many females. It inspires me to work harder when I see what someone else is able to do, even more so when it’s not some big muscley dude.