Is it spring?

Today may be the start to spring here in Minnesota. Take a look at these upcoming temperatures.

Weather 08Mar15


I’m not sure what the temperature actually made it to, but it was warm enough to go for a run in leggings and a long sleeve! I saw some other people who were a tad braver than I, running in shorts. I was finally able to get my tush off my sofa for a run around mid day. It’s been since, let me think, November? since I have been for a run outside. I wanted to make sure I took it easy on myself, so I enjoyed a slow 3 miles.

I’ve got to get back into better running shape, as I signed up for a 5k on April 18th. I also convinced one of my besties, Katie, to give this 5k a try. It happens to be the Hot Chocolate 5k. That’s a pretty enticing prize pack. This will be my first 5k since July of last summer, but this will be Katie’s first 5k! I’m very proud of her for agreeing to run it. It’s been awesome to hear her progress through a couch to 5k program. It definitely reminds me that I can’t be slacking on my training runs either.

Luckily today my blood sugar decided to respond as expected. Usually a run this short, starting with a in range blood sugar, I just need a 15 grams of carbs before I head out. Then I’ll eat a bit more after I shower when I get back to stop from dropping afterwards. Today, my run ended at Caribou Coffee. My theory is that if chocolate milk is a good post workout drink, then a mocha is pretty much the same thing right? However it is a nice source of carbs and protein. Besides being extremely tasty.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my trainer. I’m heading there right after work so that I can make it to a Paint Nite after! I’ve been seeing pictures all over from these events and they always looked fun. I’ll let you all see my “masterpiece” later this week. It will be a great demonstration of my lack of artistic talent.