The start to an amazing trip

So I’ve bought the plane tickets, and my EURail pass came in the mail last week. I guess I really am taking this trip.

The most noticeable thing that would tell someone I am taking a backpacking trip through Europe is that I have ordered an INSANE number of different packs and packing accessories. I believe I’ve ordered 3 different bags, and been loaned one by a coworker. I currently have 3 in my room, having returned one knowing it was way too large to actually carry around with me.

I’ve been debating how much space I really need. The biggest struggle is I’m not willing to give up all my awesome diabetes things while I’m gone. I packed up what I will need for the time I’m gone, and man does it take a lot of space. The upside is I’m guaranteed to have more space as the trip progresses! I packed these supplies up on April 7th, and will be using only supplies from those bags until June 7th, to see how many of them I actually use, and what a reasonable number of extras will be.

So far it’s the bags, and some packing cubes (which I haven’t used before), a new shirt, a new skirt, new all black toms (perfect travel shoes), a travel lock, a holder for all my electronics, a new day bag/purse (which I’m also currently using as my purse). I’m trying to make sure the things I bring are things I’ve already broken in and really do like, but are well enough made to stand up to two months of continuous use. We will see how many more things I end up getting before I go. I luckily already have a lot of really good travel things, just not ones designed for packing lightly.

Up next on my to-do list is picking hotels in Reykjavik and Bergen and book some tours in both places. In fact, that’s what I was supposed to be doing now, instead of updating this lovely blog. Oops.

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